I see the handprints of God…

It was an innocuous event really.   One that stems directly from our smartphone generation.   The screen of my phone went suddenly dark after having timed out to keep the battery from draining.   I happened to look down at the reflection of the light hitting the the surface of the phone; and what I saw was a bunch of little hand prints.  All the Taps and swipes that come from using a smartphone.  

This got me to thinking.  I thought about little handprints on the back door from our grandchildren, looking out in amazement at the world and leaving the imprint of their little fingers on the glass.   Then I thought about, of all things, our cat.  She has a habit of climbing up on the roof of the car while it’s parked in the driveway and in the course of doing that – leaving little prints all over to mark where she’s been.

Ultimately that led me to think about all the handprints of God in my life.  How behind the scenes and often not visible to the naked eye, God is there.   Working, moving, interceding on my behalf.  And on the various and sundry requests that I lift up to him.  That we all do.  

God is there.  He never left the throne, and He has our best interest at heart.  I encourage you to think about that today.  The little handprints of God.  If you look really hard, or maybe even not that hard, you should be able to see them.