A Week in the Life of…

It’s amazing how much a life can change in a week.

There is that curve ball that life can throw at you, which turns into a twisting vortex and sucks you in.  I had been dealing with a unexplained pain in my right leg for a few weeks, but was by all appearances getting better, and in my estimation I was returning to somewhat full activity for a man of fifty-four years.  A little over half a century on earth.

And then a week ago from Friday, I felt a numbness in my toes.  I had engaged in a perhaps too-aggressive session of Batman-Ninja Turtles-WWE with my two youngest grandkids earlier that evening.  But the grandkids went home and I felt my leg would get rested and be better the next morning.

Instead I awoke to pure agony.  My leg surged with pain from the toes to pelvis.  My wife, who had spent the night with her elderly mother could hear my cries from outside our house as she walked in from the driveway.  Something had definitely changed.  For the next several days my life consisted of trying to find a comfortable position in bed, using crutches and wheelchairs to get around, and much, much pain.  I could not walk or put any pressure on my right leg.

My healthcare journey to fix this involved four different hospitals, the last one 3.5 hours away.  But God provided an experienced neurosurgeon to remove a disc in the my back that had completely wreaked havoc on the nerves going down my leg.   Even now, the entire thing is a blur.  It all happened so fast.

I am now recovering from surgery, I still have some of the nerve tingling in my foot.  The doctor is hopeful this will go away, but no assurances.  But I know how God has touched me.  HE IS BEYOND GRACIOUS TO ME.  All glory to the risen Savior, Jesus Christ!

Regardless of what this week brings, I am His child and He is my God.  I will ever praise Him for His Mighty and Gracious Acts!  I love You so much Lord!

 And I would be remiss to not mention selfless wife, Debbie, without whose tireless assistance I would never have made it through this week of my life.  I love you to the end of the universe and back, my dear wife.