This Pain…

How can I not compare this,

to the thorn embedded underneath

providing a sharp reminder

of that which You ordained

Paul to keep


How I long for a dramatic

power of healing

instant pain relief

that incredible feeling


And of course

You’d receive all the glory!

Until I resume my routine again

And Your healing becomes

lost in the noise


Would I then remember —

When I could not walk

When I could not sleep

When my despair

was dark and deep?


I think of the man with leprosy

Who simply asked Jesus

“Lord, if you are willing”

“You can make me clean.”

Jesus was willing.


But what is clean?   What is healing?

It is far better, to be cleansed within

To have a spotless soul

Even if the body never fully heals again


A/N:  I continue to pray for physical healing, consistent with the will of God.   But the state of my soul is paramount. 


Late great United States?

We stand on the precipice of a new year.  The last 12 months have been tumultuous for the United States of America in many ways; culturally, politically, but most of all morally and spiritually.

Once could fairly and adequately state that [using Charles Spurgeon’s analogy] America is on the down-grade.  Christian bakers and photographers are fined and threatened with worse for conscientiously objecting  to participation in a same-sex ceremony.  The slaughter of unborn babies, which has continued unabated since 1973, was brought into sharp display with grisly videos depicting infant body part transactions.  And where does one begin regarding the treatment of veterans?

But the United States can be great again.  Its’ citizens must begin again to:

  • remember and honor the triune God who has continually watched over and blessed the nation from its inception
  • respect the Constitution and the rule of law
  • convey honor and dignity to all human life, regardless of its age from conception to natural death

And demand of the government to:

  •  act as a sovereign nation; protecting its citizens and securing its borders
  • treat those who serve in  our military, police, and first responder units with honor and respect, taking special care of the wounded in their ranks
  • serve again as the principal leader of free nations, advancing the cause of liberty and redress of wrongs against the oppressed

This list is not even close to exhaustive by any means.  That fact is unfortunate and is cause for sadness.  Above and before all of our efforts, however is the need to pray daily for this nation.  Pray for those in authority and positions of leadership.  Pray for the election of new leaders that we will face in the not too distant future.  Pray that we would return to God, and that His judgement upon us may yet be stayed.  Pray without ceasing.


Late Great United States?


I fear for this place

the late great United States?

where innocent babes are torn asunder

harvested in pain, for plunder

When did our hearts grow fangs

How long since our souls surrendered?


The fact that God has not yet brought us low

gives me cause to hope

Still yet a remnant of The Way holds sway

within His heart, judgement held at bay


But how long can His righteous anger be subdued

against the tide of evil and depravity unglued?

Hardly ever has the Devil found such fertile ground

We make it far too easy for evil to abound


Yet, lest we forget

when sin covers this land

in the barrenness of desert sand

We who faithfully follow Christ

can offer Living Water

and plant the seeds that bring

fertile valleys of righteousness

in the Land of the King