A Tiny Life

baby-jesus-in-the-manger-3-728-1.jpgA Tiny Life


A tiny life

delivered into obscurity

    and humility

Yet full of the Godhead

and imbued with Divine Majesty


Set among the common things

    of life

Among animals and mud

Among men who tended sheep

    in the fields above

And yet sought with great earnest

by travelers following prophecy and a star

Lit by the Heavenly Hosts

to bring them nigh the newborn babe

    the long awaited King on High


And thus He came

A Baby King

A Light to the Nations

A Savior to the redeemed

the most innocent tiny life

to bring Heaven to earth

and peace inside




Why Me?

Why Me?

Why would You honor me?

What in my past would qualify

What in my soul was ever worthy

to be called to witness majesty

To be sure

I was raised to respect

and honor God

But soon enough

my mind devised

wickedness that called and

dragged me through the mud

And so now

in later years

of my uninspired life

I haunt the ragged hillside

keeping my flock

and my thoughts

Until Your Angel appeared

In Bethlehem,

of all places

A town of nowhere

and nobodys

And yet I think I know why

You descended from on high

to arrive as the ancient text proscribes

In Bethlehem –

The Son of God!

To save all mankind

And I –

The chief of nobodys

And my brother shepherds rise

To follow Light

through dark of night

and eventually arrive

to see the babe

His smiling face

the gift for all mankind


Inextricably Linked


Christmas inextricably linked to Easter

His birth inextricably linked to His death

The manger inextricably linked to the Cross

The Star of Bethlehem inextricably linked to the noon-day darkness of Golgotha

The flight to Egypt and safety inextricably linked to His deliberate journey to Jerusalem and death

My death to sin, the flesh, and self-will inextricably linked to new life in Him

My surrender and trust in Jesus inextricably linked to eternal life in Heaven with Him

Amen, Hallelujah, Amen!