The Love of God Descending

The Love of God Descending

The Love of God Descending

The Sons of men, not apprehending

The innocent, the tender babe

The manger, obscure and vague

The Magi, honored guests

The shepherds, nothing less

The horde of sinful men, destined to die

He the Savior, for them, crucified

But for now, a tender coo

The baby Jesus, delivered

For me – For you 


A Tiny Life

baby-jesus-in-the-manger-3-728-1.jpgA Tiny Life


A tiny life

delivered into obscurity

    and humility

Yet full of the Godhead

and imbued with Divine Majesty


Set among the common things

    of life

Among animals and mud

Among men who tended sheep

    in the fields above

And yet sought with great earnest

by travelers following prophecy and a star

Lit by the Heavenly Hosts

to bring them nigh the newborn babe

    the long awaited King on High


And thus He came

A Baby King

A Light to the Nations

A Savior to the redeemed

the most innocent tiny life

to bring Heaven to earth

and peace inside