How can I reconcile this?

โ€‹How can I reconcile this?

I cannot…

My sin is

as if a fire uncontained,

covering the earth

scorching all that is good

all of any worth

And then, our collective sins

as billions of blazing earths

the weight and fury of which

our dear Savior felt

in billions of painful bursts

The King of the Universe

pummeled far beyond the earthly pain

although that was quite grim enough

He bore a universe of galaxies of shame

And never turned till He was done…

How can I reconcile this un-earthly act?

I cannot.

It shall have to be enough that I accept His sacrifice

It shall be my honor to suffer at His side

It shall be my purpose for Him to live and me to die

My undivided heart so ascribed

[Also published on my Wattpad Page, Mental Etchings]


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