Finding Favor

A/N:  This will be more or less a combination of opinion, rant [with decorum], and perhaps a dash of sense…It is not my intent to impugn anyone’s beliefs, character, motives, or anything of the like.  Follow this rule:  if anything hereafter strikes a chord, makes you think, or just appears to be right and true – then give glory to Almighty God.  If, on the other hand it all falls flat, seems bizarre, way out in deep left field – then the blame rests solely on me.  Actually that rule probably applies to anything on my blog.  Thanks as always for reading.

I tend to see a lot of posts on social media with what I might describe as prosperity-leaning Christian messages. With messages indicating that the Lord’s blessings are right around the corner, that today [or very soon] is the day of favor.  Not to mention the ones that tell me I’m only a friend if I share or copy, that I must type Amen or I am a heartless wretch.  That if I share a message and it goes around the world 80 times then I’ll receive a king’s ransom.

Okay, in case you were wondering that was the rant part.  Lord forgive me for exaggerating some of that.  I love all my friends on Social media, and I know they have good hearts.  I just don’t have time to do all that stuff, and whether or not I do those things – doesn’t impact who I am, now or in eternity.

But I want to get back to the “favor” messages.  Most of them don’t explicitly state what kind of “favor” will be involved, but I get a sense that the emphasis is on material or monetary favor.  I could be dead wrong about all of this, and if so forgive me and accept my apology.  Maybe I’m too cynical; hardened by the culture we live in.

But consider this.  I know that the Lord desires to bless His children.  But the Lord’s favor in my case or your case might be struggle, pain, and hardship.  It might be a time of testing or a time of spiritual desolation.  It might be a time of financial difficulty, rather than a time of financial prosperity.  It might be anything that the Lord can use to bring us to where He wants us to be.

Remember – anything beyond the promise and assurance of eternal life when we had earned Hell is “just gravy” to use a term.  And God makes the best gravy.  God bless.


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