Eat, Drink, and Sleep

This will be a relatively short post…

Recently I attended a leadership meeting held by my employer.  One of the topics concerned the implementation of a new information system.  The total cost outlay would be one of the largest in the Corporation’s history.  Definitely the largest non-real asset expenditure.

Our CEO talked of the need to have people at each location fully invested in the success of the new system.  To take personal ownership, leadership, responsibility.  Those who would “eat, drink, and sleep” the new system.  Without such dedicated and focused leaders, the implementation might fail.  Obviously, we can’t afford to let that happen.  The mission of the organization is at stake.  I work at a not-for-profit.

That got me thinking.  We need people who “eat, drink, and sleep” the gospel.  The Word of God.  The Kingdom.  Repentance.  Holiness.  Surrender. Agape love. Compassion to hateful, mean, lonely and forgotten individuals. And oh yes, patience and forgiveness.  Smiles in a world of frowns and scowls. Truth in a world of anything goes.  Life at all stages valued in a world where it is too often disposable.  Sold out, for my Savior.

Would that it would be, in me.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.  [Matthew 5:6]


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